Career counselling & Goal setting - Day 20

Event Date: 
19 February 2013 - 12:30pm

Career assessment & counseling – (AIP)

i)       Aptitude test measures :

 It measures child’s ability on eight areas:

1.      CA- Closure Ability: -Ability to perceive and grasp relationships among incomplete stimuli.

2.      CL- Clerical Ability: - Ability to work with rapid speed and accuracy in a monotonous task

3.      MA- Mechanical Ability: -Ability to understand basic Mechanical principles and facts

4.      NA – Numerical Ability: - Ability to wield numerical operations rapidly and accurately.

5.      PMA-Psycho- Motor Ability: - Ability to precise movements requiring eye-hand coordination under highly speeded conditions.

6.      RA- Reasoning Ability:-Ability to understand and grasp relationships among unknown stimuli.

7.      SA-Spatial Ability:-Ability to understand spatial relations and grasp relationships among two- dimensional figures

8.      VA- Verbal Ability: - Ability to comprehend and use English word and language

ii) Interest test measures:

The Interest test measures child’s likes and dislikes towards activities whether thought about or actually performed in 13 fields. With the wide variety of job opportunities available for children, it becomes difficult for them to know which professions are suitable for them according to their interest. This test will help them to understand where their interest is and how they can pursue it.

iii) Personality test measures 

The Personality test is one that aims at creating self-awareness. It measures children on 20 personality traits.   

 What to expect from Career guidance test:

1.      All the tests are Psychometric tests which mean it gives scientific data of a person who undertake these tests.

2.      A result of an aptitude test shows an ability of a child in eight major areas. Higher result shows that child possess that ability and can take advantage of that particular aptitude. Low result shows that child’s ability on that area is below the average limit and child needs to improve that particular area. e.g., If Numerical Ability score is 3 (Below average) and reasoning ability score is 8(Above average) it means child has to improve his numerical ability.

3.      Career assessment is done to understand the option’s child can opt after his 10th or 12th std. The tests cannot claim that child is good at science or bad at commerce. It will only give the idea about which career stream would be preferable for the child according to the scores on the three tests; Aptitude, Interest, Personality. However, child and his parents have to take the final decision of choosing a career.

4.      Vocational Counselling is helpful when child enters into ninth std. As career report would help him/her to decide the goal and know the strengths and weaknesses.

Time and Session detail

1. First Session :  three test  for 3hr.30 min

2. Second session : report session after 6 days with Parents for 35mins

3.Third Session : Goal setting to make child understnad his short term , mid term and long term goal . 1hr.30mins

Current offer : 25% discount on tests till 20th Feb,2013.

Batch : Only 5 student per batch. Time : 12.45pm to 3.45pm

Days : Monday , Thursday ,Saturday

 Counselling Psychologist & Trainer: Teja Ashok Pawaskar, Vasudha Surve

32, Goyal Trade Center, Sona Talkies Building, Shantivan, Borivali (E), Mumbai– 400066. Tel: 9987672035, 9960823641,


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