Tree Plantation Drive - Day 1

Event Date: 
11 June 2011 - 10:00am



                 c/o New Hind S.C, OPP: R.N.Ruia College,

                              L.N.Road, MATUNGA, MUMBAI-400019

  cell: +91 9773274296





As we all know as a result of modern way of life, the atmosphere is being constantly polluted resulting into dangerous syndromes of global warming.  It is commonly believed to be increasing natural calamities such as flooding, draughts, etc besides spread of diseases and general imbalances for mankind into ones physical and mental health.

The very purpose of creating this institution/organization is therefore to promote and imbibe upon the masses to keep the environment green and clean.

This organization Environment Life was setup and started on 1st November, 2008 under the inspired leadership of   Shri. Dharmesh Barai.

The objective of this organization is to safeguard and promote clean and green environment through public awareness and support. Its one of its kind working actively in Mumbai. The Main task is to prevent cutting down of existing trees, plant new trees and nurture to see they grow up and take firm rooting.  The cost of handling planting of new tree and its nurturing is approximately Rs. 750 per tree.  We invite donors and plead to help in pursuing this noble cause.  We want to see at least one tree is planted by each and every resident of Mumbai making it one of the greenest and most environment friendly city in the world.    

With Warm Regards


Dharmesh Barai

Director, Environment Life.




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Please   Save trees- Plant Life.








Please accept my voluntary contribution towards your tree plantation Drive under the banner “ENVIRONMENT LIFE…”


Enclosed is my Cash / Cheque /DD    Rs_________ /-   (Rupees______________________________________________) (favouring Environment Life ) Kindly note that this donation will be utilized strictly for Tree Plantation/Awareness program/ Environment related issues only. This payment is not meant to be used for any other purpose whatsoever.                                               

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dharmesh barai Tree Plantation Drive - Day 1 RSVP. 11 Jun Tree Plantation Drive - Day 1

Invitation for International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

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