A forested future? Talk on Analog Forestry by ecologist, Ranil Senanayake

Event Date: 
12 May 2013 (All day)

Dear friends,

Next week we have a rare opportunity to hear from top ecologist, Ranil Senanayake from the International organizations of Rainforest Rescue and the Analog Forestry Network.  Ranil, of Sril Lanka,  will freely give his time to educate us on the principles of a farming system that is in harmony with forest eco-systems and local communities, based on 30 years of experience in different parts of the world.
Analog Forestry could, in principle, be an income generating solution for communities within ecologically sensitive areas, wildlife corridors, forest buffer zones and any forested eco-system area.  These areas are often up against pressure from development, and income generation in these areas for local people is often seen as problematic.  There may be problems between local communities and the diminishing natural resource which they don't know how to manage, ie. protect and encourage.
Analog Forestry is similar to permaculture in that it is a multilayered planting system but does tend towards becoming a climax forest suited to the local geography. Given the right encouragement, it potentially provides good efficiency of land use/ input resources for maximum environmental services, livelihood creation and products.
We met Ranil's wife, Lorena, at an IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) conference last year, when members visited Bhaskar Save's organic forested farm in Gujurat. Lorena requested to come back and see more of India and this time would bring her husband with her. 
Having read and studied Analog Forestry, it seems an amazing opportunity for Ranil to inform India of this advanced and intelligent agro forestry (siviculture) system that could well offer a solution of a productive system (for man), that protects (and restores!) natural eco-systems.
We were able to engage ISKCON, who have a large organic farm and eco village near Manor - the Govardhan Eco-Village.  They agreed to host Ranil for a one day event in their brand new ecologically designed conference centre.
The event is to be held next Sunday (12th May), close to Manor, 2 hours north of Mumbai.  The cost to cover meals (breakfast and lunch) and administration is Rs 500.  
Pre-booking is essential and required by Thursday 9th May.  
Please email analogforestryevent@gmail.com to register.  Details can be supplied regarding local accommodation/lifts from Manor.
We hope this will inspire environmentalists, NGOs and members of the Government, particularly the Forest Department.  We also hope that individuals come forwards interested in setting up India's first Analog Forestry demonstration.
Please forward this email to forums, your networks & anyone you think may be interested.
Apologies if you are receiving this email multiple times!
with warm regards
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The Saha Astitva Foundation works towards the harmonious integration of forests, fields and people,  providing grassroots solutions to global challenges.

We are constantly researching & exploring solutions to find a balance where natural health, ecological balance and economical needs can be met.
Analog Forestry analogforestryevent@gmail.com A forested future? Talk on Analog Forestry by ecologist, Ranil Senanayake http://www.karmayog.in/events/forested-future-talk-analog-forestry-ecologist-ranil-senanayake RSVP. 12 May A forested future? Talk on Analog Forestry by ecologist, Ranil Senanayake

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