About Karmayog Events

We would like to collaborate with you and support you. To circulate your event details free to the 63,000 Karmayog member group, please do the following:

1. If you are an NGO, you first need to be listed in our online All-India NGO Directory. Please click on the "Resources for NGO" link in our homepage and register your NGO if you have not already done so. If you are already registered, please let us know your url (which will be of the type www.karmayog.org/ngo/nameofyourngo .)

2. If you are organising a free event, please provide a link to our website from your website. Please also circulate an introductory email about Karmayog to your mailing list. (We will send you appropriate text.) This is applicable whether you are an NGO, or individual, or commercial organisation.)
3. If you are organising a paid event, please do any ONE of the following:
a) run a ppt or distribute a Karmayog hand-out at the event
b) donate to us an amount equal to one participant's fees
(This is applicable whether you are an NGO, or individual, or commercial organisation.)
4. If you would like us to take a more active role in publicising your event, then please include Karmayog in your list of Partner organisations or Supporters with a link to our website. 

General Request:

a) It would be nice if you could distrbute Karmayog brochures at your event. Send us an email at info@karmayog.org so that we can courier our brochures to you for distribution.

b) Please include an article by Karmayog in your printed or online newsletter or magazine

c) At the event, please offer NGOs an opportunity to display banners, distribute brochures, put donation boxes, sell products, etc.
d) After the event, do upload photographs, proceedings, minutes, videos, podcasts. etc. on Karmayog

www.karmayog.org connects citizens, civil society groups, corporates, academicians, media and government through online and offline methods, as we believe that sustainable solutions to society's problems can only be found though the collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders. Karmayog's facilitates and enables individuals and organisations to work collaboratively to strengthen each other, by sharing information, learnings and experiences with each other.

Why we need your support in different ways?
We need your support to sustain and strengthen a growing network of people and organisations.
The alternate view to anything is not getting expressed in society today. Karmayog aims to be a place where all kinds of views can be expressed, exchanged and then incorporated in the actions and work of all those who read this.

Who all are part of the Karmayog discussion group?
NGOs, government organisations and officials, media, corporates, academicians, researchers, experts and concerned individual citizens from across India make up the Karmayog group that was started in 2004 and currently numbers 63,000.

December 2011