Lets Meetup and Talk About Life!

Event Date: 
21 April 2013 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm


LiFe TaLk


 As the Strength of the tree depends on the depth of the roots similarly to evolve Higher in maturity, one needs to grow deeper in faith. Life is best lived when you don’t try to demystify everything about life. You are not born for this or that! You are not here to book a place in the heaven or to have a coveted award bestowed upon you! You are here for the sheer joy of being useful: after all, the only other alternative is to be useless- to be used less. It happens often in our daily living that even if you do everything that you can do in life, still nothing will seem enough. So do you think the alternative is to give up and do everything and do nothing at all in life? Even if you do that still you are not going to be at peace with yourself, because life is not about how much or how less you do but it is all about getting tossed between the paradoxical needs of having and giving and eventually gaining the maturity to discover the middle path.

To help you walk on this middle path of life and to balance between the having and the giving process let’s talk about life and its various aspects. . It is going to be an open forum where we all will discuss whatever is mentioned above and of course anything apart from this that we would want to discuss. To begin with this talk will happen in Gurgaon and we will all grow together from here.

So join in this transformation of life!!!!!!!!!!

Venue       : H-37/3, DLF City Phase – I, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002

Time        : 4 pm to 6 pm

Please call us at +919811500613 or write us at lifetalk@improvelife.in

Monika Kaul lifetalk@improvelife.in Lets Meetup and Talk About Life! http://www.karmayog.in/events/lets-meetup-and-talk-about-life RSVP. 21 Apr Lets Meetup and Talk About Life!

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