Organic Jungle: Ayurvedic Pluck, Cook & Eat

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16 December 2012 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
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Organic Jungle: Ayurvedic Pluck, Cook & Eat!



On an organic demonstration eco farm, in beauty and harmony with nature; only 2 hours north of Mumbai!

 Why ayurveda?  Ayruveda is the art of healthy existence in harmony with the laws of nature.  It is an ancient, natural wisdom of healing, a science of life. According to Ayurveda, health is in a perfect state when the body’s three functional energies, or the three doshas (kapha, pitta and vata), are balanced. There is an equally vital balance among body, mind and energy which are the predominate elements active in each individual.

 What we eat becomes our body, therefore if we eat according to our doshic requirements in harmony with the seasons we can attain the perfect health.  For maximum prana, food must be grown free of chemicals (organically) and cooked in a sattvic and specific manner. Proper balance of doshic requirements and maximum prana ensures our maximum health. 

Why pluck?   Because respecting our doshic requirements in harmony with the seasons maximizes health, vegetables that grow at certain times of the year are beneficial for us in that season.  By plucking the vegetables yourself, you will not only connect to the farm and nature, but also the food that you cook.

Why Cook?   Understanding the principles of healthy, sattvic, vegetarian cooking gives greater knowledge of health and how to cook and prepare healthy food.

Why Eat?   We have all heard that we are what we eat- and this couldn't be more true! Ayurvedic cooking not only makes us healthy, but is also delicious. The entire event is a celebration of a possible lifestyle, not often experienced by those that live in cities, and so this meal provides an experience in sattvic cooking as well as sattvic living.

What else?   For those that wish to have a brief overview of the farm, there will be a guided tour. There is also the chance for nature walk in the forest to a sacred grove 'Devri'.  The local Warli adivasis worship in nature and walking to the Devri gives an experience of understanding why. If you are feeling hot, you can cool off in our beautiful, open air showers and there is also opportunity to shop at our exclusive 'export quality' organic shop; inclusive for India!

Programme of the Day

10:00am Arrive for breakfast and meeting point in pilgrimage village of Ganeshpuri.

10:30am Introductory talk on Ayurveda by Heena

11:00am Move to the farm

11:30am-1:30pm Plucking of the vegetables following by cooking of a tasty, balanced meal  

1:30pm Eating of meal along with freshly cut and squeezed, farm-famous sugar cane juice!

3:00pm Forest Walk to sacred Devri or relaxing stay back on the farm

4:00pm Closing of event

Heena, Art of Living Ayurvedic Chef, with Kalyani, Director of Saha Astitva toast Pluck, Cook and Eat on 4th November 2012

Cooking Lesson in Action

Heena Cooks

Children, welcomed free of charge!

The finished meal; beautiful, healthy and most of all, delicious!

Local Warli Art for purchasing

Register now!

Prebook only.


Price: Suggested Minimum Donation Rs 900 pp; Rs 800pp for three or more. Kids under 12 come for free!

Travel to Virar by train,  9:00am bus leaves from Virar for Ganeshpuri.

It will be a grand day out, come join us!


"Today's program was worth every penny, I feel, thanks to
Karen,Daniel and their wonderful team! Hope you agree"

- Guest at Pluck, Eat, Cook event in November 

Kalyani Uppendahl Organic Jungle: Ayurvedic Pluck, Cook & Eat RSVP. 16 Dec Organic Jungle: Ayurvedic Pluck, Cook & Eat

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