Public meeting to discuss & deliberate on the proposed Maharashtra Housing ( Regulation and Development) Act, 2012

Event Date: 
19 April 2012 - 11:00am - 5:00pm


Dreadful proposed Maharashtra Housing Act 2011 Jeopardizing interest of flat buyers by builders' lobby
Dear awakened citizens of Maharashtra, (Most Important Please),
Presently the State Govt. is in process of enactment of the Maharashtra Housing (Regulation & Development) Act, 2011 (MHA 2011) by repealing the existing law “Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963 known as MOFA which is in operation since 1964 and considered as more effective than the proposed MHA 2011.
In present scenario of Construction Industry, there is an urgent need to strengthen MOFA further by including concepts of Regulatory Authority and Appellate Tribunal as proposed in MHA 2011 with empowerment of judicial powers of punishment and not merely directive power as proposed in MHA 2011.
There are many hon’ble high court & S.C judgments interpreting several provisions of MOFA hence this Act is now well settled which can facilitate flat buyers to quote when the matter is moved before Regulatory authority and Appellate Tribunal if these authorities are incorporated in present MOFA thus making it more user friendly instead of formulating new act: MHA 2011 against public interest.
As per guidelines of Central Govt, need for proposed MHA 2011 is arose to curb malpractices and monitoring manipulative practices of builders and in construction business in line with Central Govt’s act: “The REAL ESTATE (Regulation and Development) Act, 2011” whereas the State’s proposed act MHA 2011 is largely contrary to it immensely favoring builders’ strong lobby.
Please note that the state govt. has introduced the proposed MHA 2011 in great hurry in cabinet without giving any opportunities or inviting comments of public at large and now it is at very advanced stage before State assembly for its passing. The proposed MHA 2011 is very scary and deplorable since its many provisions shall surely cause irreversible damages to flat buyers’ interest, giving absolute free hand to builders/ promoters to take the consumers for a ride and violate norms without any limit.  
Shri CA. Ramesh S. Prabhu, Chairman, Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association, cell: 9820106766 has organized public meeting to be held at Azad Maidan on 19.04.2012 between 11am to 05 pm for creating public awareness for protecting their  right to housing in fair manner.
I request all citizens residing at least in Mumbai if not in the State of Maharashtra to attend this public interactive meeting to know why proposed MHA 2011 is against public interest, to understand serious deficiencies of MHA 2011 and to have citizens’ participation in formulating consumer friendly act instead of getting victimized through proposed MHA 2011.
I earnestly request all members of the most vibrant KARMAYOG website to create public awareness by forwarding this message to their contacts so that interest of flat buyers in State of Maharashtra is well protected.
Mukund Parikh,Mumbai
Forum For Fast Justice, Janhit Manch,
Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas
Ramesh Prabhu Public meeting to discuss & deliberate on the proposed Maharashtra Housing ( Regulation and Development) Act, 2012 RSVP. 19 Apr Public meeting to discuss & deliberate on the proposed Maharashtra Housing ( Regulation and Development) Act, 2012


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