SPROUTS Environment Trust's Earth Mela 2012 - Theme: 'Green Economies' - Day 2

Event Date: 
9 December 2012 (All day)


SPROUTS Environment Trust's Earth Mela 2012 (Dec 8 & 9), MNPS, Dharavi, Mumbai
With the intention of helping our environment by creating interest and
increasing awareness about Nature among urban masses, the SPROUTS Environment
Trust has been conducting the `Earth Mela' for the last four years, through a
learning and equally fun-filled festival.

Mela 2012-`Green Economies' (UN Theme):
This year the SPROUTS Environment Trust's Earth Mela 2012 is going to be held on
at the Maharashtra Nature Park Society (MNPS, Dharavi) under the Theme – `Green
Economies'. It is a two-day mega-fest comprising a varied range of activities
such as a Short-Film Festival, a Photo Exhibition-cum-sale, Workshops and
Lecture-Demos, Nature Trails, Bicycle Rally & a Mini-Marathon to stalls of
eco-friendly life-style and essential products, an elaborate Adventure Sports
Arena and much much more

Opening on Dec 8 with a Nature Trail (7-9am) at the MNPS & a Bicycle Rally &
Mini Marathon (7-9am) on Dec 9, the main event will be from 10am to 6pm on both

Advance Registration Fees :Rs. 75 (one day) & Rs. 150 (two days) for Bonafide
Students (<21yrs)
and Rs. 150 (one day) & Rs. 300(for two days) for adults.

Spot registration for two days : Rs. 100 (one day) & Rs. 200(two days) for
and Rs.175 (one day ) & Rs. 350 (two days) for adults.

The Earth Mela has been reaching out to the masses over the last four years with
themes such as Indian Forests, Wildlife of India, Biodiversity Conservation &
Carbon Reversal Movement. The festival is aimed at providing awareness on
nature, biodiversity, eco-friendly lifestyle options, green technologies and
conservation actions through responsible decisions.

The Mela has been found relevant and engrossing to participants of all age
groups and backgrounds, right from tiny tots to corporate participants.
Lectures, Poster Presentations and Workshops by eminent Environmentalists and
young scientists will surely engross the adults. And the varied stalls and
activities such as adventure sports arena and clay work or collage making by a
deaf & mute artist will surely draw in applauds by the younger at heart. The
huge variety of stalls will display eco-friendly products and services, such as
Paper Mache products, artifacts made by tribal artisans, green technologies,
recycling options and organic food stalls, which will help you make better
choices in life.

Thus clearly the Mela has interesting games and activities to engage kids and
adults alike. The Mela has proven to generate environmentally involved citizens,
which is the mandate of the organizers. The photography exhibition and nature
trails will tingle your visual, aural and olfactory senses by taking you into
regions less seen (forests, deserts, villages) and creatures rarely sighted.
Thus helping you gain knowledge and awareness at the same time. The Cycle rally,
Mini Marathon and Adventure Sports arena help spread the message of trying out
healthier options of transport, vacationing and daring to explore unchartered

The film festival will display a huge array of multi-lingual films dealing with
social, cultural, energy, urbanization, wildlife, displacement and educational
issues too – giving you an all-round understanding of the multi-dimensional
element – we call Our Environment.
So do come and join in the sole Eco-Festival of India, and have a wholesome
Environmental experience - only at the SPROUTS Environmental Turst's Earth Mela,
2012. pls check our event on link:

All are invited to take part in the event as participants SPROUTS Earth Mela
2012 registration form.doc.has been attached for participating Contact Person:
Neelima Nagarkar 9867873225. If you are also interested in the following:
1. Participating in the cycle rally or mini-marathon can register by giving a
call to Neelima Nagarkar 9867873225.
2. If u want to Showcase your short films or Photos on Green Economies, photos
of endangered n endemic wildlife of India, tribes of India and green technology
Invite for Photos for Earth Mela 2012.txt has been attached. Contact Person:
Anand Pendharkar 9820140254
3. If u want to Take up stalls SPROUTS Earth Mela 2012 Stall Registration
form.doc has been attached. Person to Contact Stalls: Vikram Pawar 9819649908

4. If u want to fund for bringing NGO kids or sponsoring events or Want to
Partner by Having an Ad banner Corporate Presentation for Funding Support
2012.doc has been attached. Person to Contact: Suneil Kamath 9820677149

The following are our bank account details: Please draw a cheque payable to -
'SPROUTS', Indian Overseas Bank, Chakala (A/c No. 075602000011440) and for
Electronic transfer Branch IFS Code: IOBA 0000756 - Type of account : Current.

You can also help by spreading this email and by word of mouth to people you
know who might be willing to participate or contribute in anyway to help the
event run successfully. For any queries or concern please urgently contact Anand
Pendharkar by dropping an email on sproutsonline@gmail.com or call

Do check out these Media links from our earlier year's press coverage:
Mumbai Mirror:


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For seeing photos of 2009: visit this link

Intern at SPROUTS.

SPROUTS zans_kar@yahoo.co.uk SPROUTS Environment Trust's Earth Mela 2012 - Theme: 'Green Economies' - Day 2 http://www.karmayog.in/events/sprouts-environment-trusts-earth-mela-2012-theme-green-economies-day-2 RSVP. 9 Dec SPROUTS Environment Trust's Earth Mela 2012 - Theme: 'Green Economies' - Day 2

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