BMC tests web-based parking at Eros, Regal


BMC tests web-based parking at Eros, Regal

The BMC has started its web-based parking project on a pilot basis at the Eros and Regal cinema parking lots. It says the theatres have been chosen as their parking lots are among the busiest and if problems surface in the new system, they can be rectified and the system fine-tuned before it is applied to all 93 civic parking lots in the city.

The system comprises handheld devices connected to a central server. The devices, of which the BMC has bought 600, will be used by parking lot staff to issue receipts to motorists. The receipts will bear a vehicle's entry and exit time, based on which the parking rate chargeable will be calculated. In future, motorists will be able to use the system to book parking slots online.

"There are teething troubles, which we are trying to address," said additional municipal commissioner SVR Srinivas. The BMC decided on web-based parking after getting complaints from motorists about parking lot staff who overcharge, which is easy to do with handwritten receipts.

Date of Article: 
Saturday, November 30, 2013
The Times of India