Complaints against bad roads increase by 41% in just one year



Complaints against bad roads increase by 41% in just one year


MUMBAI: Bad roads, clogged drains and improper solid waste management are among the top three complaints of Mumbaikars. In just one year, complaints against road-related issues like bad patches, potholes and blocks imposed for resurfacing work increased by a startling 41%, as per a report.


The increase in road-related complaints—from 29,967 in 2012 to 42,287 in 2013—is primarily due to the online system developed by the BMC to register complaints against potholes, said Milind Mhaske, project director at the NGO Praja Foundation, which has released its pre-monsoon report.


"This only emphasizes the need for a technologically advanced, centralized, user-friendly and effective redress mechanism for all complaints. Civic authorities have in fact expressed their wish to expand their pothole complaints system to include other road-related issues and also drainage, solid waste management and water supply," Mhaske said.


The report suggests various measures for improved civic governance in the wards. One is that civic officials need to make action taken reports (ATRs) on complaints by incorporating councillor codes to track down officers in charge of addressing complaints. The ATRs should be shared with the complainants. It also suggests the adoption of a robust standard operating procedure (SOP) to redress complaints.


The report paints a sorry picture about the performance of corporators: throughout 2013, of 227 corporators elected in 2012, only 141 have asked questions in the civic house at meetings related to roads, 34 related to drainage and 51 concerning solid waste management; 19 did not ask a single question.



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Wednesday, June 11, 2014
The Times of India