Drive to keep shrill horns off roads

Drive to keep shrill horns off Mumbai roads

MUMBAI: Transport commissioner VN More has issued directives to all RTOs to initiate a crackdown on the use of ear-splitting horns in the city.

The three RTOs at Andheri, Wadala and Tardeo have been asked to launch a drive to prevent the use of multi-tone horns, especially those that are harsh, shrill, loud and make an alarming noise.

The move comes close on the heels of a directive from the National Green Tribunal, which has asked the state authorities to crack the whip when it comes to noise offenders on the roads.

In a circular issued to all RTOs last week, all deputy RTOs have been asked to conduct stringent fitness tests on vehicles and check for certificates and decibel levels of horns. They have been instructed not to register a new car or bike if the horn does not comply with the decibel standards.

There will also be surprise checks and raids on dealers and sellers of multi-tone horns across the city, said sources.

Though the assigning of RTO officials to election duty and a couple of public holidays may hamper the drive temporarily, the authorities have readied the flying squads for the campaign.

"We will begin cracking the whip in the next few days, a deputy RTO said on Monday. "Our officials will also make efforts to ensure that the problem is nipped in the bud at the vehicle manufacturer level."

An assistant RTO said some two-wheelers had illegally installed horns similar to those in container trucks. "There are also musical horns, reverse horns and what are called hooters or trumpets," the official said.


The RTO plans random checks on cars and two-wheelers. Sources said there were plans to procure new decibel meters. More said a such a proposal had been made to the government.

Date of Article: 
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
The Times of India