Fed-up residents tell BMC to prevent illegal parking on footpaths

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Fed-up residents tell BMC to prevent illegal parking on footpath

The senior citizens of Sunder Nagar, Kalina, have come together to fight against the menace of illegal parking on footpaths in their area, leaving no space for pedestrians. The residents of Sunder Nagar Residents Association, Kalina, recently sent a letter to BMC's HEast ward office demanding immediate action against car owners who have parked on the pavements. The complaint is primarily against the residents of road no 2 in Sunder Nagar.

A majority of the complainants are senior citizens from the area, who have taken up the issue on a war footing. "It's been just a few months since the footpaths and roads at Sunder Nagar were resurfaced for the benefit of the residents. We had hoped that at least now people will stop parking their cars on the pavement. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened," complained S D'souza, a senior citizen and member of the Sunder Nagar Residents Association.

In the letter, the association has complained that the entire footpath of road no 2 has been occupied by bungalow owners in the area. "There is no space for us to walk as the lane is very narrow. When we brought this to the notice of the traffic police, we were asked to approach the BMC. We had no choice but to register a complaint against the owners," said D'souza.

Samrat Chitre, a resident of Kalina, said. "One of the bungalow owners who owns a fleet of taxis has parked all his taxis on the footpath. The condition is the worst in the evening," he added.

The association members have demanded immediate relief from the problem. "We have received the complaint and it is genuine. I will be sending my team to the area tomorrow (Monday) and will get photographs clicked of the area. These will be sent to the traffic police so they can take immediate action. Many senior citizens from Sunder Nagar have approached us about tihs," said Ajitkumar Ambi, assistant municipal commissioner (H-east ward).


Meanwhile, other areas of Kalina have started even and odd parking (parking slots allotted to residents on alternate days) to ease traffic. "Traffic is always an issue at Kalina. So we started this method, which has helped a lot," said Clarence Pinto a Kalina resident.

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Monday, February 17, 2014
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