Proposal to ensure zero traffic violation on Western Express Highway

Proposal to ensure zero traffic violation on

Western Express Highway


An umbrella body of transport experts and advocacy groups called the Mumbai Transport Forum (MTF) has given a proposal to the traffic and civic authorities that will not only be the city’s biggest traffic experiment ever but also the first one that works on the principle of getting things right by just doing the right thing.


The plan, currently forwarded to the Mumbai Transformation Support Unit and the traffic police, calls for the setting up of a ‘discipline zone’ between Kalanagar junction and Airport junction on the Western Express Highway (WEH), where motorists would be exhorted to follow every traffic rule in the book.


On Friday, the group gave a presentation on this unique plan to joint commissioner (traffic) Vivek Phansalkar and this week they plan to showcase it to the BMC and Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) authorities. The upkeep of the WEH rests with the MMRDA, while the provision of various amenities, like bus stops, lies with the BMC.


According to Rishi Agarwal, co-convener of the MTF, the idea is to create an island of excellence on this stretch of the WEH and to see if the pilot can be replicated in other parts of the city. “We want to see what is the efficiency that can be gained from following the rule book,” said Agarwal.


Transport expert Ashok Datar, who first came up with the idea, said: “The project’s scope is wide as there are five flyovers and nine junctions we plan to take up between Kalanagar and Jogeshwari on the WEH. The realignment of some of the junctions, especially the ones allowing motorists to take a right turn, will improve traffic flow in a huge way,” said Datar.



Date of Article: 
Monday, September 9, 2013