State mulls congestion tax on commuters


Maharashtra mulls congestion tax on commuters 

 MUMBAI: The state transport de par tment is mulling to charge congestion tax from commuters to enter the commercial business districts.

This is one of the several ideas that the department is considering to reduce traffic congestion on the roads and restrict the usage of private vehicles.

Following Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s directions to the transport authorities to come up with ways of restricting new vehicles on the road ( on the occasion of the ongoing road safety week), the transpor t de par tment has donned a thinking hat.

Other plans in consideration include making availability of parking space compulsory for buying a new car and increasing the motor vehicular tax for owning a second or a third vehicle.

Presently, the city has more than 20 lakh motor vehicles on its roads. The imposition of congestion tax has been doing the rounds for the last five years, but was not implemented by the state so far for the fear of public backlash.

However, a revival of the idea is now under consideration. The congestion tax has to be levied by the local body, but its parameters are to be suggested by the state government.


“We will suggest this idea to the local body but it is up to them to decide whether to impose it or not. It could be on vehicles entering commercial areas or highly populated areas for a few hours of the day, and on the basis of time at which they are entering,” a senior transport department official, requesting anonymity, said.

Date of Article: 
Monday, January 6, 2014
The Hindustan Times