Suggestions for Marine Drive promenade

Suggestions for Marine Drive promenade

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Some problems (connected to roads, pavements, traffic) with suggested solutions for Marine Drive are listed below.

Please do give your feedback and comments to these, and also any other suggestions that you may have.

Do also make similar lists of problems with suggested solutions for your locality and circulate for others to know about. 


A compilation of problems and some suggested solutions for Marine Drive: 



1. Traffic signals are too short for pedestrians to cross easily. Need to increase by 30 seconds. Between 5 to 8 pm, constables to be posted at all crossings so that pedestrians can cross safely.

2. A traffic signal should be put where Marine Lines station exit meets Marine Drive as many people dangerously cross over there. This signal and also the one near the Aquarium could be made operative only between 5 to 8 pm.

3. Service road in front of the gymkhanas to be kept clean and well-lit for senior citizens’ walking/exercise.

4. All medians/dividers should be such that people cannot climb over or through them as it is dangerous for pedestrians and cars. Median should be high enough to block headlight of cars coming from the opposite direction, but low enough that the view of the sea is not blocked.

5. There should be no signage obstruction at the median at pedestrian crossings so that oncoming vehicles can be clearly seen by pedestrians. Case in point: opp Jazz by the Bay & Air India bldg.  The median on some crossings are damaged and people cannot stand there.

6.  The entire running seating edge bench of the pavement should be washed with water pressure jets monthly so that they are thoroughly cleaned as well as paan stains are removed.

7. Marine Drive is a No-Hawking Zone. Despite this, beggars, hawkers and pestering eunuchs are a nuisance — marshals needed in evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm

8. There is inadequate light on the footpath at Nariman Point. Lights should also be fitted on the underside of the Princess Street flyover to illuminate the area below. Squatters below the flyover should be removed.

9. Often people create a ruckus at night, and residents cannot sleep. There should be a restriction reg. noise after 10 pm. Signs with this and other rules e.g. for spitting, littering, should be put up clearly after every kilometre.

10. Dog owners/walkers should walk their dogs with leash and collar.  Dog poop on the footpath should be removed by those walking the dog, or else fines to be levied.

11. Footpath paver blocks, especially on the building side are very uneven/broken or sunk. Footpath paver blocks on the sea-side are uneven in some places due to tree roots. This makes it difficult for those with wheelchairs and prams to use the footpaths. Need to be fixed monthly.

12. Dried fronds on coconut palms in buildings to be removed with help of BMC before these fall and injure pedestrians and damage vehicles.

13. Each building should adopt the footpath abutting the building — “Saaf Aangan” concept. MDCA will help in resolving issues.

14. Dustbins and also Toilet locations and upkeep - ideas needed.

15. The access from Marine Lines station below the flyover is pathetic, scary and gloomy.  The dirtiness reaches unimaginable levels in the monsoon when water clogs the entire western approach closing its very access.  The western side foot bridge access is an eyesore & very dirty.


1. There is uncontrolled motorbike menace at night — for other bikers, cars, etc. Motorbike racing and stunts go on at night. Also at odd hours in the night e.g. 3 pm. And in the reverse direction of the traffic. There are supposed to be CCTVs but where these are is not known.

2. Traffic signals should be on till midnight on weekends. It is extremely difficult for cars to maneuver at any of the crossings, and virtually impossible for any pedestrians to cross.

3. Some traffic signals cannot be seen easily by cars. Signal view obstructed by street light poles.

4. A lot of weddings are being held in the gymkhana grounds. There is double parking and other chaos caused by cars. Traffic police should be stationed there at a charge, if necessary. (Leftover food in huge quantities is also being dumped there causing health and hygiene problems.)

5. The road re-surfacing has not been done properly. Contractor’s bills should not be passed without MDCA approval.


6. Parking on the building side on Marine Drive should be normally allowed from 1 pm till 9 am


7. There is going to be exponential increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic due to statue in the sea, new aquarium and when the Peddar Road traffic jam is resolved. So MDCA should be part of any discussion connected with the statue and any other plans pertaining to Marine Drive including those connected with Nariman Point, Chowpatty and Churchgate. MDCA is interested in constructively engaging with the authorities to ensure that proper infrastructure is created for any new initiative.




Date of Article: 
Thursday, March 20, 2014