Traffic police start shaming offenders with megaphones


Traffic police start shaming offenders with megaphones

Mumbai: In a move to instill road discipline, the traffic police have started to shame offenders by announcing their vehicle registration number in public. This, the police hope, will ensure that the offender falls in line and other motorists will follow the rules to avoid embarrassment.

The cops have started to put the plan into practice after identifying busy junctions in the city.

"Wherever a vehicle is found halting on a pedestrian crossing or parking illegally, our staffer announces its registration number aloud and ensures that the offender moves back from the pedestrian crossing or out of the no-parking zone. This is working very well for our personnel, as it saves time. They need not talk to every motorist individually. There are no heated arguments between our personnel and the offenders," said joint commissioner (traffic) B K Upadhyaya.

The traffic cops use the PA systems on their mobile vans for the purpose. At some junctions, the department has given constables megaphones to make the announcements. "We found that megaphones and speakers were lying with us but were out of order. They were all repaired. The plan is being implemented during peak hours: for two hours in the morning and two in the evening," added Upadhyaya. Some bike-borne traffic personnel have also been given megaphones.

The effects are already showing. "Motorists now know that the police are watching them and are extra careful. We are not sparing pedestrians too. For instance, at Bandra's Lucky restaurant junction, pedestrians dangerously dart across the road. We pull them up too through the PA system," said DCP (traffic-suburbs) Pratap Dighavkar. Double and triple parking of vehicles, the biggest menace on city streets, is being tackled on Linking Road and S V Road through the method of 'humiliation'.

The megaphone-wielding personnel also tell motorists to wear helmets, strap on seatbelts, not cut lanes and not jump signals.

Date of Article: 
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
The Times of India