Vehicles increased by more than half in seven years


Vehicles in Mumbai increase by more than half in seven years

MUMBAI: Mumbai increased its vehicular population by 1.7 lakh in 2013-14, which is 44,000 vehicles more than what was added in the previous financial year. The total number of vehicles in the city is now 23.3 lakh, a 55% increase in seven years, according to data released by the transport department on Thursday.

In the private cars category, the number of vehicles has increased from 4.6 lakh in 2006-07 to 7.21 lakh today. In 2013-14, 50,000 cars and 94,000 two-wheelers were added.

Since vehicles have increased while road length has remained the same, transport experts want a strengthening of the public transport system to discourage citizens from bringing out private cars on the roads.

State transport commissioner V N More said the maximum number of vehicles were registered in the last financial year and that he has sent a proposal to the state government, suggesting measures that will be disincentives for private transport.

Since 2007, the number of private cars in the city has increased by 57%, but the number of autorickshaws (1.18 lakh), taxis (48,871) and BEST buses (4,200, including 282 AC buses) has not increased significantly. "I have proposed a hefty cess on petrol and diesel to dissuade people from driving private cars. I have also supported a huge hike in parking charges," More said. "It is a fact that the average speed of vehicles in urban areas like Mumbai has come down to 20 kmph (from 45 kmph a few years ago). There has been a phenomenal rise in the registration of vehicles at RTOs in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. While I cannot stop anybody from buying a new car, I can only suggest measures to prevent its use."


More lamented that there was no scope to increase road length in Mumbai. "But it is possible to strengthen public transport."

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Friday, April 11, 2014
The Times of India