please correct the street light systems on 90 feet road as per above mentioned complaints and suggestions.

Name of Road: 
Krishnan Menon Road (90 feet Road)
Further description of location (if needed for better understanding): 
Nearest landmark or building: 
What troubles you regarding traffic or pedestrian safety at that location?: 
Sir, it's with reference to street light problems. there is most of the street lights are non operational on the 90 feet Road since last more than a year. street pole AVN47 AVN44 and many others have no lights system on them, since last more than a year. Due to deep darkness in the night several accidents happens in the recent past due to no lights on several poles of the 90 feet road. Dharavi is an high density population locality and 90 feet Road is one of the main Road of the area for the pedestrian and transportation. Hence its the immediate need of the hour to look into the matter and do the need full so as to counter the problem.
What do you recommend be done as a solution?: 
Please inspect and examine the street lighting systems on the road and do the needfull repairs and installation of proper lighting sytems on all the street polls as soon as possible. There are open wires n cables hanging from most the light poles and connection Please wrapped them into there boxes. please ensure daily uninterrupted supply to the poles so as to provide street lights uninterrupted daily. There are four junction on the 90 feet road namely.. 1.sahil hotel...sion-bandra link road and 90 feet road juction 2.shamiana hotel...khamdev street and 90 feet road juction 3.kamrajar school...dharavi main link road and 90 feet road juction 4.kumbharwada end...90 feet road and 60.feet road juction. All these junctions are used by most(lakhs of peoples) of the locals n pedestrian on daily day n night. we request the concerned authority to install multi halogen street lights sytems at these spots/juctions, so as to provide extra lights at same.
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Azimuddin Khan.
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