Stop right turns at the temple cross roads crossroads

Name of Road: 
Shankar lane
Further description of location (if needed for better understanding): 
Lane opp. to West - East bridge, Thathaibhati Bhatia hall,
Nearest landmark or building: 
Shankar temple, Jain temple, darshan apartment
Kandivali West
Traffic Region & Chowky: 
What troubles you regarding traffic or pedestrian safety at that location?: 
Pile up of traffic and unnecessary nuisance caused due to lack of systematic management at place
What do you recommend be done as a solution?: 
Stop right turns at the Shankar temple crossroads which will need no signal nor will there be any traffic or nuisance.. The residents are facing this nuisance ever since the east west bridge was built, since then no steps have been taken to resolve the problem..every now and then either rto or some citizen takes over to clear the please look in the matter and take the action which is very needed
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