One Way and No Parking in the lane

Name of Road: 
Perry Cross Road (Master Vinayak Cross Road
Further description of location (if needed for better understanding): 
Junction of 3 roads at Hoor Manzil, Peridot Building
Name of Cross Road, if at a junction: 
Perry road
Nearest landmark or building: 
Katrak Municipal Garden - Street opp. Sachin Tendulkar's residence, Opp Hoor Manzil
Bandra West
Traffic Region & Chowky: 
Category of suggestion: 
What troubles you regarding traffic or pedestrian safety at that location?: 
There is heavy parking and double parking on both sides of the road in the Perry Cross Lane because of 2 stall kiosks and Masjid / Madressa operating at Hoor Manzil, the traffic gets congested. This is the only lane that is NOT ONE WAY. There is a blind curve and an accident is quite probable at the junction of the 3 roads.
What do you recommend be done as a solution?: 
1) It would smoothen traffic and pedestrian convenience if the lane is made ENTRY ONLY from Katrak Municipal Garden (Brahmachari Park) upto junction of 3 roads at Hoor Manzil. 2) NO PARKING marked and enforced at the bend of the road i.e. alongside PERIDOT building for 50 to 100 meters. 3) A circular island constructed for traffic to go around.
Is there a traffic violation or specific incident that has triggered this suggestion?: 
Daily inconvenience to residents.
Serial No.: