remove the speed breaker at kapadia nagar signal.

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the road which is taken from aiport, santacruz to go to chembur. a signal is there just before the bridge which leads to chembur. there is a speed breaker also. the entire traffic slows down and jams up at bridge also. do we need a speed breaker, just before the traffic signal ? the speed breaker does not serve the purpose. please remove the same to ease the free flow of traffic.
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Santacruz East
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What troubles you regarding traffic or pedestrian safety at that location?: 
i was travelling from airport to chembur. on the way at kapadia nagar, signal, there is a speed breaker. the vehicles are slowing down for stopping at signal. then why, there is a speed breaker also? i cannot understand it. i waste more than 20-25 minutes as the entire traffic slows down and then climbs the bridge. this makes the traffic chaotic at bridge well.
What do you recommend be done as a solution?: 
remove the speed breaker.
Is there a traffic violation or specific incident that has triggered this suggestion?: 
i get stuck up for 20-25 minutes, everytime i come from airport to chembur. just multiply the no. of vehicles using the road in 24 hours. that must be whole lot of manhours lost.
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