Make the roads one way.

Name of Road: 
Sai Road and Krishna Vatika MArg
Further description of location (if needed for better understanding): 
Gokuldham area
Name of Cross Road, if at a junction: 
General Arun Kumar Vaidya Marg
Nearest landmark or building: 
Dindoshi court and Krishna Vatika Mandir
Goregaon East
Category of suggestion: 
What troubles you regarding traffic or pedestrian safety at that location?: 
1. There is lot of traffic jam and haphazard parking. 2. During school hours it leads to disturbance. 3. Wastage of fuel, time and energy due to traffic. 4. Inconvenience to BEST bus commuters.
What do you recommend be done as a solution?: 
By making the roads one way all the problems can be solved. There are two roads available and hence there would not be any problem in making the roads one way.
Upload photograph / sketch if this helps to explain: 
Serial No.: