RTO Officers need to enforce the NO PARKING ZONE Strictly!

Name of Road: 
Dixit Road
Further description of location (if needed for better understanding): 
All by lanes in Vile Parle East close to the highway. Nehru Road, Dixit Road, Nariman Road.
Name of Cross Road, if at a junction: 
Nehru Road
Nearest landmark or building: 
Sathaye College
Vile Parle East
Category of suggestion: 
What troubles you regarding traffic or pedestrian safety at that location?: 
There are about 15 traffic cops on duty at the Airport Junction and the inner roads of Vile Parle East to avoid congestion. NO Parking Signs are all over the place. Tourist Vehicles and Taxis are parked all day long in NO parking zones as well as residential roads. The drivers are involved in their free time in Spitting, Smoking, Drinking and Gambling while ogling at local ladies all day long. All this because they do not want to pay parking charges at the Airport.
What do you recommend be done as a solution?: 
All commercial vehicles parked in a NO PARKING ZONE should have strict penalties. NO commercial vehicles be allowed to park in residential areas and college areas. They should be paying EXTRA Parking Charges in residential areas since they are illegally parking there.
Is there a traffic violation or specific incident that has triggered this suggestion?: 
Blatant PARKING in NO PARKING Zones in front of traffic officials
Serial No.: